PHA® Hop Flavours

Botanix has developed a range of sophisticated physical separation techniques to fractionate the flavour compounds present in the hop essential oils. This allows the brewer to use the existing hop flavours more efficiently and also to create individual beer flavours. These products are fully soluble in beer

PHA Generics contain single hop oil fractions that create a versatile flavour and aroma palate; often used as a mixture (PHA® Spicy, Citrusy, Floral, Herbal and Sylvan).

PHA Varietals are produced from a specific hop variety to reflect its individual characteristics (late hopping character).

PHA Topnotes are similar to Varietals but contain more highly volatile, hydrophobic components, so they give a more intense Hop Aroma to beer (Dry Hopping Character). They have much more effect on the aroma and less on the taste.

Hop Essential Oils

contain essential oil which is a complex mixture of many compounds which can contribute in different ways to the flavour of beer. These are either the essential oils from a designated variety of hop or a specially created blend of the essential oils from several varieties of hops.



To address the challenge of limited solubility of the Hop Essential Oils, Botanix has developed emulsification technology. The Hop essential Oils are fully dispersed in an aqueous emulsion and therefore provide all of the benefits of Hop Essential Oils but in a form that is more readily dispersible in beer and therefore more easy to handle.